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About Us

Hi There! ―
We are Spoon & Flavour

Spoon and Flavour is a Vegan project that aims to bring you Culinary Services and all the associated catering services there in. We will be sharing with you our experience gained from here and aboard. We will be serving you delicious recipes learnt in the kitchens of many talented top rated Chefs from around the world, along with those we have developed ourselves.  

Our aim and the challenge ―

We set ourselves is to provide you with the best possible Vegan food there is.  We wish to tempt you with an extra ordinary gourmet culinary experience while at the same time being ethical and sustainable. 

We cater ―

We are able to cater for all the events we celebrate with in our lives, including weddings and birthdays, along with corporate events. We also have an outstanding “Street Food” experience we would like to share. We  have the opportunity to offer small intimate culinary experiences within your home, where we turn your home into the best vegan restaurant in the world. 

Our ideas ―

Our ideas and creativity are shared with the love we feel for this planet, our humility, and the professionalism we have learned when working in a wide variety of the Kitchens and restaurants. 

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